That is not dead which

can eternal lie,

and with strange aeons

even death may die.

H. P. L.








It all began when Prescott Bridgeman, my father Gregor and I spent a week in Duncan Creek, on the coast. Prescott had received a letter from his former landlord; I think she was called Mary Miller. She owned a Victorian estate over there; a charming place she used to rent to rich tourists during the summer. Unfortunately, she could no longer find any customers, because her house had acquired a nasty reputation. Her last tenant, a scientist named Alvin Carter, had stormed into town's general store one day, screaming that the house was haunted, and then he had vanished without a trace! Over the next few days, the villagers noted other mysterious disappearances: first it was dogs, then cattle, the some of the tourists. The area's folks were quite superstitious, you'll understand; that was more enough to make them stay clear of the house…

一切是從我和父親Gregor以及Prescott Bridgeman在海岸邊的鄧肯溪度過的一周開始的。Prescott從他以前的房東那裡收到瞭一封信,我想她應該叫Mary Miller。她在鄧肯溪這一帶擁有一座維多利亞風格的豪華莊園,經常在夏季租給富裕的遊客供其遊玩。不幸的是,她再也找不到租客瞭,因為她的房子已經聲名狼藉。最後一位租客是一個叫Alvin Carter的科學傢,有一天他突然沖進鎮上的雜貨店,大喊說房子鬧鬼,然後就消失的無影無蹤瞭。之後幾天裡村民們註意到瞭其他的神秘失蹤事件:首先是狗,然後是牛,在之後就是遊客們。你知道的,這一帶的居民都很迷信,這讓他們對莊園敬而遠之……



I was scared constantly, day and night. It was exhausting. Irrationality was seeping through the cracks of our world, intent on corrupting the minds of my peers for generations to come. We had to act! Miller Villa was Irrationality's focal point. I sensed it immediately. The entire house emitted an ominous aura of evil. My father Gregor searched the ground floor study. Prescott stayed outside to survey the area. But I could not help feeling that someone was waiting for me. I had to know more… I had no choice.



Major archeological discovery 重大考古發現

A team of archeologists has unearthed an ancient Indian Mound on a private domain near Duncan Creek. The funeral monument is shaped like a 300-foot snake; in a startling coincidence, a Victorian manor was built precisely above the snake's head 40 years ago. The house's owner, Mary Miller, was astonished by the discovery.

一隊考古學傢在鄧肯溪附近的一處私人領地發現瞭一座古代印第安墓地。墓碑形似一條300英尺長的蛇。一個驚人的巧合是,一座維多利亞風格的莊園40年前正巧建在蛇頭的位置上。莊園的主人Mary Miller對此感到十分震驚。

Alicia Blackwood給Alvin Carter的信


September 11th, 1924


Venerable friend, glory to He whom we serve for our supreme power, now and for all eternity.

I must warn you: trust no one, especially not the Cardinal. He was studied our science for two cwnturies, and therefore hw must suspect us. If he should learn that you are at Miller Villa to destroy the Stone, there is no telling what torments he would put you through.

To answer your previous query: the people vanished in Duncan Creek most certainly fell victims to the Guardian of the Stone. However, this entity, while terribly powerful, is not invincible. To defeat it, you must place yourself under Kalagoth's protection. The Idol of Kalagoth is in the green room, surrounded by its servants. Beware: before touching Kalagoth, you must trace the Magical Sign created by its followers; you will then be able to seize the Idol without peril.

When the deed is done, join me here in England. We must decide on a course of action for the next months.

Alicia Blackwood











As our investigation progressed, events became more and more obscure. Evidence I had discovered suggested the presence of the Elder Star. Still I hadn't a clue why this secret evil society would be interested in the Miller Estate. The ultimate truth was, as I would find out, more horrible than I could possibly imagine…

我們的調查逐步推進,但事件卻愈發費解。我發現的證據表明“老星”(the Elder Star,又譯舊印)組織是真實存在的。我仍不知道這個邪惡的組織為什麼會對米勒山莊感興趣。我將要發現的最終真相,其恐怖程度遠超我的想象……

Alvin Carter給Alicia Blackwood的信(未寄出)

Dunkan Creek, 1924

Dearest Alicia,

Thank you for your precious help. Unfortunately, even though you confirmed that there is a copy of the famous Book of Seth here, I have been unable to find it. I can't dispense with this Tome: only the Book of Seth contains the spells I need to turn the dagger into a weapon lethal to the Guardian of the Stone. I must find it!

At least, I have discovered another passage leading to the underground. There is a secret door, somehow triggered by the library's clock. The portrait hanging on the dining room wall was of great help in decoding the mechanism.

I must admit that I am worried. I have learned that a man has arrived in Duncan Creek by the morning train, and after spending the afternoon making small talk with the neighbors, I am convinced that it is the Cardinal. I am afraid that you were right: I am living on a borrowed time. My only hope is that you will be able to deactivate Stonehenge before it is too late.

May Him who we serve assist and protect us.

Alvin Carter








An Essay on the Theory of the Leys 關於能量線理論的論文

by Cardinal Kardec 作者:“主教”卡甸

There is in this world a network of straight lines criss-crossing the landscape of numerous countries. These lines, which I shall call Leys, form an extraordinary power grid carrying telluric energy. Wherever two or more of the major Leys meet, Nodal Points are created where the energy is particularly dominant.To channel this power, the wise man of olden times erected funeral mounds, dolmens, cromlechs, pagan altars and churches at these Nodal Points, to act as capacitors. There are many secondary Nodal Points, but the three most strategic ones are located at Stonehenge in England, at Duncan Creek in New England and in the ancient Inca's capital of Cuzco, Peru. The Leys form an immense and coherent network covering the entire world, a fantastic energy carrier on a planetary scale which, if properly activated, could generate a pulse of unimaginable power.


Duncan Creek Guide 鄧肯溪導遊手冊

By Georges McLean, notary-at-law 作者:喬治·麥克萊恩 法律公證人

The coast used to be unsafe for navigation. However, one must remember that some of Duncan Creek's inhabitants were remorseless criminals, and that many of the shipwrecks may have been caused intentionally. Smugglers and pirates hid their loot in caves along the cliff, some natural, some man-made, which formed a huge underground complex. These caves were connected with several of the villas standing on top of the cliff. There is little doubt that part of this network have subsisted to this day.




My father was a wise man. From what we saw in the villa, he quickly inferred that we were indeed up against the Elder Star, a secret society led by one of those terrible men who deliberately defy the Heavens. Ironically, this one called himself Cardinal. My psychic powers had given me visions of this man, but I had yet to grasp his final intentions. It is so hard to understand what drives a man who consciously chooses the side of evil…



We have finally successfully summoned one of the ancient ones! The power that we now hold in our grasp is all we will need to pave the wayjor the coming of the hooded one, thought these are dark times there is much worse ahead for there will never have been such a time chaos, ever will the world … witness to such awesome darkness … is chosen and the portalis ready! Bew… the calm before the night as it shall be the dusk before the dawning of …nera of pain and desperation, the end of man and the rising of the world of Cain!


By the Guardian's sacrifice, the Stone shall Reveal the Final Truth.



Perform this Rite to destroy a servant of the Great Old Ones


He who would destroy a servant of the Great Old Ones to appropriate its substance, shall secure the assistance of a maiden prophetess and a man of pure heart. The woman shall wield the Dagger of Malhazred, with which a wizard shall have been killed; the man shall hold the idol of Kalagoth, the Elder God. In the Servant's presence, Kalagoth's power shall posses the Dagger, which shall strike the creature's heart three times.


石頭記系列(The Stone Circle)



When Prescott Bridgeman, my father Gregor and I went to the Miller Estate, on the coast of New England, we thought that we were merely investigating the disappearance of one Alvin Carter, a reclusive tenant whose strange behavior had unsettled the neibourhood. How naive we were! The seemingly innocuous villa was sitting on top of a network of artificial caves – and, more ominously, over one of the "nodes" forming a gigantic triangular magical network spanning the entire planet. Something lurked in those caves – something that was driving the visitors insane one by one. Documents that we found in Alvin Carterl's personal belongings began to unveil the mystery. A secret society called the Elder Star had taken an interest in the Miller Estate because the nodes contained a fantastic amount supernatural energy, an energy which could open a portal to another dimension and let unspeakable horrors known as the Great Ancients return to Earth after eons of banishment. We know that the authorities would never believe such an astounding story; we had to stop the Elder Star by ourselves. And for a while, we thought we had done so: we found a dangerous native spirit guarding the Estate's node, and with great difficulty, we forced it back to the netherworld. But then, the Elder Star's leader, the mysterious Cardinal, revealed that the Guardian's death had activated the node, and that he had manipulated us into performing the deed because a prophecy said that only a trio like ours would be able to do it. Oh, the Cardinal was satisfied indeed: two more nodes, and he would seal the doom of mankind.

當我和父親Gregor以及Prescott Bridgeman來到新英格蘭海岸邊的米勒山莊時,我們以為我們隻是來調查一位叫Alvin Carter的房客的失蹤案,他深居簡出,奇怪的行為讓鄰居感到不安。我們的想法是多麼的幼稚!這個看似沒有什麼危險的山莊坐落在一個人造洞穴網絡的上方,更加不詳的是,這裡還恰好是一個能量節點,它和另外兩個節點共同組成瞭一個覆蓋整個地球的巨大三角形能量網。有什麼東西潛伏在那些洞穴裡——它把遊客一個接一個地逼瘋瞭。我們從Alvin Carter的私人物品中找到的文件開始揭示這些謎團:一個叫老星的組織對米勒山莊很感興趣,因為這裡的能量節點蘊含瞭巨大的超自然能量,這種能量可以開啟通往異次元的大門,並讓那些名為舊日支配者的不可名狀的恐怖在它們被放逐的萬古之後重返地球。我們知道當局永遠不會相信這樣駭人聽聞的故事,我們隻能靠自己的力量來阻止老星。我們一度以為我們成功瞭:我們發現一個危險的原始魂靈守護著山莊的能量節點,我們花瞭很大力氣把它送回地下世界。然而,老星的首領,那個身份成謎的“主教”卻說,晶石守衛的死反而激活瞭節點,並且這一切都是他操縱我們完成的,因為有個預言說隻有我們這樣的三人組才能做成這件事。"主教"一定很滿意,還差兩個節點,他就能召喚人類的末日瞭。


In the beginning, only Chaos existed, 太初之時,惟有混沌,

and the Great Old Ones rules the entire universe. 舊日支配者統治全宇宙。

But as eons passed, new Gods came into existence. 數個紀元後,新神誕生。

An epic struggle followed, 一場史詩般的戰爭隨之到來,

and the Great Old Ones were stricken down, and banished beyond the frontiers of the universe. 舊日支配者落敗,並被放逐宇宙之外。

Rage has consumed these Great Ancients ever since, and they have but one obsession: 憤怒吞噬瞭這些古神,它們心中隻有一個執念:

restore their reign of Chaos… 重建它們那混沌……

And of terror. 且恐怖的統治時代。



It all began when I received a strange letter from Baroness Vonarburg, of the London Philharmonic Society, inviting me to enter their international violin contest. Somehow, for a reason I couldn't pinpoint, the way she wrote kept reminding me of that fateful summer at the Miller estate. I decided to discuss the matter with my father and with Prescott Bridgeman. They were as intrigued as I was. Since the contest was such a wonderful opportunity for me as a musician, we decided that I should go, and that they would accompany me to England to investigate… And possibly find out more about the sinister plans of the Elder Star, the secret society led by the terrible Cardinal. As soons as we disembarked in London, a mysterious woman lunged at Prescott, handed him a message and vanished in the fog. Incredibly, the message was signed by Alicia Blackwood, the very same woman who had been corresponding with the Miller Villa's last tenant, Alvin Carter. She was asking us to meet her in a secret hideout, near the docks. The next morning, on the front page of the London Times, we saw a picture of our unknown messenger, who had been found dead in the Thames. While I prepared for my concert, Prescott went to meet the mysterious Alicia Blackwood…

一切要從我收到倫敦愛樂樂團(與現實中的無關)的Vonarburg男爵夫人(女男爵)的一封信說起,她邀請我去參加那裡的國際小提琴比賽。不知為什麼,她的文風總讓我想起在米勒山莊度過那個可怕的夏天。我決定和父親以及Prescott Bridgeman討論一下這件事。他們對此也很感興趣。作為一個樂手,這次比賽對我來說是一個很好的機遇,所以我們決定我去赴約,而他們兩人則陪同我前往英格蘭進行調查……或許能找到有關可怕的“主教”領導的秘密組織——老星的邪惡計劃的更多線索。當我們在倫敦登陸時,一個神秘的女人沖到Prescott面前,塞給他一封信,然後就迅速消失在霧裡。難以置信的是,那封信的落款是Alicia Blackwood,也就是和米勒山莊的最後一位租客Alvin Carter通信的女人。她約我們到碼頭附近的一處藏身地見面。第二天早上,我們在倫敦《泰晤士報》的頭版看到瞭那位神秘信使的照片,她的屍體在泰晤士河中被發現。當我準備音樂會時,Prescott則動身去見那位神秘的Alicia Blackwood……


Dear Mr. Bridgeman,

I am so sorry that I must put you through this, but I am in dire straits. Meet me in my secret hideout in the sewers. Please hurry.







DOCK #13 AT MIDNIGHT – STOP – 午夜在13號碼頭






That evening at the London Coliseum was unforgettable. For my performance, I selected Elgar's Enigma Variations, whose supernatural qualities somehow seemed appropriate. The crowd was enraptured! Oh, it was a glorious monent, and I was eager to share this triumph with my father, who had supported me so well during my long years of study. The stress of playing in front of such a distinguished audience must have sharpened my extra-sensorial perceptiveness. I became extremely receptive to even the faintest para-psychic vibrations. So much so that I fainted in the middle of a conversation with Baroness Vonarburg, who had so kindly invited me to enter the contest, and who had just asked me to have dinner at her manor the next day. I had to withdraw to my dressing room to rest for a while… It is there that I was hit with a most disconcerting vision…



From the First, the sparkle of a naked sky 其一,晴朗天空火花閃耀

From the Second, the jade lustre of spring time 其二,春回大地翠意盎然

From the Third, the blush of a dancing flame 其三,舞動之火羞紅難掩

From the Trinity, a light shining on the true path 三位一體,聖光照耀真理之路



Having discovered that a ship belonging to the Elder Star, the Fathersea, was going to fulfill an important mission for the Cardinal that very night, Prescott decided to investigate. After drawing through the malodorous sewers, Prescott rushed to Dock 13. His quickness allowed him to reach the ship while it was still docked. While the sailors prepared the ship for departure, he sneaked on board. The Fathersea navigated on the Thames for a few hours, then dropped anchor in the middle of the river, Immediately, a feverish activity began on the bridge. Prescott could see nothing from his hideout. He lost patience and inched his way closer, thereby putting himself in grave danger of being discovered.




I have found these forgotten relics. They lie beneath the thames, at the point known as the Stretched Elbow. Once they are on board, deliver them to your brothers who are awaiting on the shore. They will take them to the Elder Star's traveling wagon. Train 636, wich already carries two relics, will depart from London at the ninth hour.

The time is near, my brothers. The Messenger will soon be born again!

the Cardinal


我已經找到瞭失落的古代遺物。它們埋藏在泰晤士河之下,位於河流的Stretched Elbow處。將它們打撈上船後,迅速送往在岸邊等待著的兄弟們手中。他們會將遺物送往老星的行動車廂。已經裝載瞭兩件遺物的636次列車將在九時從倫敦發車。



Then came the time to scatter the demon's unholy remains throughout the kingdom, so that no one could ever revive it. A conclave was decided, during which the abbot of St. George named the locations where the foul bones would be buried.

Seven thus were chosen, seven holy places capable of containing the demon's evil emanations. Then began the secret processions that would lead the dismembered demon to oblivious internment.

Each holy place received its diabolical relic. Each, except one. For at the thirteenth hour of the first day of the journey, the group carrying the Beast's hind legs was seized by a sudden and terrible tempest, their ship sank in the middle of the thames, and all hands were lost.

When he learned of the horrible tragedy, the abbot of the St. George ordered his monks to search for the missing relics. But no trace of the ship was ever found.

For three days and nights, the abbot fasted and prayed. Then, he ordered his flock to forget all about the tragedy under threat of excommunication.

And to those few who dared to claim that it was heresy to abandon these relics in mundane territory, the abbot replied: "know that our lord has come to me in a vision and told me that the depths of the river are also holy, for they have never been soiled by the original sin. Thus, the holy incantation "Duo Crur Bestia" will protect the metal prison from profanation for all eternity."






對於那些少數膽敢聲稱將遺骸遺棄在世俗領地是異端行為的人,院長回應說:”我們的主在我面前顯靈,主說,河的縱深亦是神聖的,隻因其從未被原罪玷污過。因此神聖的咒語‘Duo Crur Bestia’會保護這個金屬牢獄永世免於褻瀆。“



Returning from his incredible adventure, Prescott woke us up at dawn. Around an enormous pot of strong coffee, Father and I learned, much to our dismay, that the Elder Star and its mysterious leader, the Cardinal, were once again involved in diabolical machinations. Prescott's information about the dispersal of an ancient demon's body parts, and especially the legs and the hand he had brought back – a hand identical to the one I had found myself – immediately seized Father's interest. The previous night, while we were at the hotel recovering from my adventure at the Convert Hall, Father had received a message from his old friend, Dr. Ebenezer Smith, who was the curator of the museum of anthropology. He had tried to call him back from the desk, but strangely enough there has been no answer. Father decieded to visit Dr. Smith at the museum to learn more about the dismembered demon, while we would try to sneak aboard Train 636… Thus, Prescott and I rushed to the London train station; we arrived just as the train was beginning to move. Quietly, we made our way to the luggage compartment and climbed on board…

Prescott黎明時分從他驚心動魄的冒險中歸來,叫醒瞭我們。我們就著一大壺濃咖啡討論起來,我和父親驚愕地得知,老星組織及其神秘的首領“主教”再次卷入瞭這場邪惡的陰謀當中。Prescott帶來的關於一個古代惡魔的遺骸的分散情況的情報——尤其是雙腿以及他帶回的那隻和我找到的一模一樣的手爪,立刻引起瞭父親的興趣。昨晚,我和父親回到酒店,我從大劇院的冒險經歷中逐漸恢復。父親收到一封他的老朋友Ebenezer Smith博士寄來的信,Smith博士是人類學博物館的館長。父親嘗試從酒店前臺給他打電話,但是很奇怪,沒人接聽。父親決定前往博物館去見Smith博士,以期獲得被肢解的惡魔的更多情報,而我和Prescott則嘗試偷偷登上636次列車……於是我和Prescott迅速趕到倫敦火車站,我們到達時火車剛好開動,我們安靜地通過行李隔間爬上瞭車……


Brother Barnstable,

I am putting all of my faith in you.

As soon as the relics have beem loaded on board the Elder Star's armored traveling wagon, you must attach it to train 636 and take it to our headquarters. Use your powers of fascination to make sure no one notices.

Once you have completed the mission, return the train to its initial course and dispel with the Amulet of Mnar, which you will find the railcar. But be careful, brother Barnstable, and under no circumstances must you open Al-Azif if you want to preserve you sanity!

The Cardinal






Al-Azif 死靈之書

They were, they are and they will be. Behind the sealed threshold, beyond the cold spaces between the stars, they call relentlessly, and their mephitic clamor creeps into the interstices separating the cosmic void from the realms of the uncreated. It crrupts beyond redemption all who, unknowingly, belong to their unholy lineage, and Al-Azif is the book through which the return of the great ancients will be decided. Beware of its perusal, for it will have dire consequences for one who is not of divine essence…

"ph'nglui mglw' nafh cthulhu r'lyeh wgah'nagl rhtan…"(拉來耶語)



Azathoth 阿撒托斯之書

For it is sung, deep in the bowels of the Earth, that he is the master of all things, the one whom the vapid assembly of the idiot gods honors with its strident screams, and the one through whom chaos befalls. No one knows his true face, for they are many; no one knows his true form, for he dons them all; no one knows the day of his advent, for he reigns at the left of time.


Yog-Sothothz 猶格·索托斯之書

For it is whispered, far beyond the stars, that he is behind the threshold while being threshold; the one who has witnessed the birth of the great ancients and who will witness their return, for he is the the threshold while being behind the threshold. It is he who, when the time comes, will warn the great ancients of the coming of the night of the day, with the great primordial all-consuming fire – for Yog-Sothoth is the threshold, and threshold is the fire, and the threshold and the fire and the time are but one.


Dagon 達貢(大袞)之書

For it is whispered, in the dark depths of the ocean's abyss, that he is the half-man, half-frog avatar of the submerged city. Incarnation of the ambiguous and of the perverted, he marks of his terrible brand the human mire that succumbs to his fetid invitations. No creature born of the obscene union can hide its unholy origin – or escape from the powers of the chimeric nightmares of the one who dreams in the submerged city.




While Prescott and I were hurrying towards the train station, Father left for the prestigious Museum of Anthropology to solve the mystery of the dismembered demon. After a warm welcome a and a little chat about the old days at the faculty, father soon realized that Dr. Smith never left a message for him for him at the hotel. He didn't even know that we were visiting England. Father then showed him one of the hands that we had found, Dr. Smith was astounded. He grew pale and a mixture of fear and excitement crept into his voice. He rushed out of the office, saying that he was keeping a similar piece in the museum's archives. Father waited a while for his friend to come back, to no avail. He was beginning to run out of patience…



It came to pass, during the reign of our great king Edward, that a foul demon escaped from its infernal banishment and brought fourth devastation to the English kingdom. It is said that the creature, born of the stone circle, drew its nourishment not from any earthly source, but from the alignment of the stars. Soon, a holy army of knights and noblemen arose from all parts of the land. After a glorious campaign, an end was brought to the pain and the despair, for the great monster was slain and its foul carcass given to the monks of St. George to be burnt and its ashes scattered. But the beast's despoiled body did not burn, nor did its demonic heart stop beating within its cadaverous chest. After much deliberation, the monks carved the master into five parts, serving the head and the hands and the heart at the old Sarum monastery, and buried the blasphemous relics under great warding glyphs in the remotest parts of the kingdom. For it is said that if the five should ever be brought back together at the stone circle, when the stars align again at the end of time, a dark soul will resurrect the creature and seal the doom of the world.




We met at the hotel in mid-afternoon to discuss out situation. While we had gathered several pieces of the demon's body, we were at a dead end: how could we find out where the others were hidden? I then reminded Father and Prescott that we were invited to join Baroness Vonarburg for dinner. We decided to halt our investigation and to enjoy the evening at her manor, located in the middle of a splendid country estate. The Baroness had been nice enough to send her personal chauffeur to pick us up in her Bently. Of course, Prescott was very excited at the prospect of riding in this new model. Dinner was wonderful. While we were sipping brandy, Father steered the conversation towards England's glorious past and its medieval history. The Baroness then made a surprising proposition: if he wanted to learn about a specific event of that time, why not ask the people who lived through it? With great enthusiasm, the Baroness gathered us around a table and asked us to join hands, despites Father's misgivings, Prescott's profound skepticism and my own apprehension concerning amateur seances. After but a few minutes, I decided to break the chain, because I dreaded the vibrations that were invading the room…


Yhe之書 the Book of Yhe

After an epic struggle, the new gods exiled the Great Ancients beyond the threshold at the edge of the universe. Then, from the echoes of the vibration that shook the universe when the hinges of the world opened and closed again forever, they created the talisman. They named it "Yhe", in honor of the frightening cringe, blessed it with their power and hid it in a safe haven outside of time. So that the race of men would know of its existence and power, the new gods brought a dream to an unknown scribe. And the scribe unconsciously penned the Book of Yhe, where it is written that the talisman of Yhe has the power to enslave the Great Ancients – but that only one who enters its abode at the same moment in the past, present and future will be granted its protection. Lo, to reach the talisman of Yhe, the ashes of the Book of Yhe must be taken to the time where they belong. For the book, like the talisman, is eternal.




Despite the intense fatigue that I left following my strange adventure through time, I described my experiences in detail to my companions. When I mentioned my encounter with the Cardinal in the future, Father and Prescott traded a glance that curdled my blood: could this meeting have proved that the ultimate futility of our quest? Prescott reassured me. Science was formal: the future was not immutable like the past. I had only met the Cardinal in one of many possible timelines. It was up to us to direct reality towards a less frightening outcome. Father agreed, and added that he was beginning to understand the Cardinal's grand scheme. "If only we knew how to find St-George's Monastery, we could defeat him once and for all.""But I do know!" Said Baroness Vonaburg, who went on to explain that the ruins of the abbey were a mere half-hour drive from the manor! Father wanted to go there immediately. Seeing how weak I was, he asked the Baroness to take care of me. Then, he grabbed the Talisman of Yhe, swore that he would beat the Cardinal at his own game, and dashed for the exit with Prescott in tow…



Of all his parts, only the eyes of the demon stayed at the site of the dismemberment. For soon after they were extracted from their orbits, a powerful hypnotic wave emerged from their stare, bewitched, the monks fought and shed each other's blood. To stop the madness, I ordered the unholy eyes sealed, and the other relics scattered. While six processions marched across the kingdom, the monks who had stayed behind erected the wall. Alas, the stare robbed us of many more of our brothers before we could imprison it in stone – and seal the accursed crypt for all time. Years, accursed years, passed one by one, as the stare seeped through the cracks between the stones, slowly corrupting the purest souls and the staunchest of wills. One night, a stone was sdislodged from the wall; another, a monk was murdered; yet another, a brother lost his mind… Even I fell into the stare in my sixty-sixth year. My murderous rage took scores of my brethren, before the others could seal me in the crypt from whence my doom had come.



While the surviving monks burned the abbey to the ground, I drowned in the depths of the stare. My madness knew no limits, and my soul roamed to unknown hells where I saw with a sense that was not sight. Light had become darkness, and the void was no longer empty. Something crawled there, and rage possessed it there, there, like it possessed all of the others who were shouting his glory, there, there Ygg Nghah… And all were obsessed with a single purpose, monstrous, unfathomable, crossing Yog-Sothoth… But only He who has surrounded himself with the stone circle and who has deciphered the Nug-Soth runes, only He who has desired their return shall, at nightfall, chant the call: Ia! Shub-Niggurath, Ia! Ia!… Then will come The Horned One, and will live again He-Who-Owns-The-Stare, and only the talisman of Yhe, which is one of the three collarbones of the power, shall have the might to banish Shub-Niggurath back to the Uncreated.

當幸存的僧侶們將修道院燒為平地時,我已深深陷入惡魔雙眼那蠱惑的凝視中。我的瘋狂沒有極限,我的靈魂在未知的地獄漫無目的地遊走,我憑借一種並非視覺的知覺來看到事物。在那裡,光明變成瞭黑暗,虛空也不再是空無一物。有東西在爬行,憤怒在那裡占據著它,如同占據著所有嗥叫著稱頌他榮光的其他生物一樣,那裡,那裡喊著Ygg Nghah……所有人都執著於一個咒語,可怕的,深不可測的,穿過猶格·索托斯……但隻有身處巨石陣中的人,隻有破解瞭努格·索斯符文的人,隻有希望它們在夜幕降臨之時歸來的人,才會念動這樣的咒語:"Ia! Shub-Niggurath, Ia! Ia!……"之後,有角的那位就會降臨,那雙眼睛的主人就會復活,隻有Yhe護身符,三個力量鎖骨之一,才具有將莎佈·尼古拉斯放逐回那未被創造的領域的能力。



I had regained my strength by the time Father and Prescott returned from the monastery with demon's eyes, which I had seen during my trance. Father, excited about his discovery, explained that the relics were the body parts of the terrible Shub-Niggurath, one of the Great Ancients who, according to unholy legend, had been banished from the universe by the gods themselves. There was only one way to alleviate the threat that his manifestation in the world represented: we had to reassemble his body in the middle of the stone circle where he had first appeared, enslave his power with the Talisman of Yhe, and kill him once and for all. "Stonehenge", screamed the Baroness. "The stone circle is Stonehenge!" Father acquiesced: all clues led to the ancient monument. "Oh, this is so exciting", the Baroness continued, "Please let me join you!" I saw that father wasn't enthusiastic, but none of us had the heart to disappoint our hostess. We pile the relics and a few tools into the Bently's trunk, and left for Stonehenge…



"Dominate the sky with the wings." 以雙翼支配天空。

"Reign at the heart of the world." 統治世界之心。

"As far as the legs shall carry you." 雙腿載你前行。

"Enslave the hands, the left and the right," 奴役左手右手,

"And the despotic eyes of the Great Ancients." 以及舊日支配者殘暴的雙眼。